What the Folk

Leave your fiddle alone
Leave the bodhrán unstrum
Tear the strings of the banjo today
Move your fossilized hip
Shake your pendulous breasts
Make every joint croak –
What the folk

Got enough of your ballads
Enough of the moan
For your lost lovers curly brown hair
Let it rock ye ol’ fellows
Bang your grey heads
Come on join this bloke –
What the folk

No longer I’ll listen
To your ancient tales
Of fairies and mermaids alike
Shove your unicorn
Up your leprechauns butt
Or into your pot o’ gold –
What the folk

Remembering days
We never did face
Songs from 19 – oh – one
Of heroes long gone
I live today so get out of my way
don’t bother me with your old song

Come on raise your glass
To electrical brass
To marshall and fender tonight
Let’s see tattoos on booties
And delicate parts
Let us all have a smoke –
What the folk

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