Day two.

Food is important, preparations, like the logical warm-up for the voice before “Devil `s Lullaby”

With this iron discipline we achieved a lot today. Everything works fine . During the breaks crisis meetings take place. What’s the matter? Well-prepared or what?

Now. Six songs we jingle successively one. Miraculous out-takes get produced. After sixth from 14 the force leave us. Not even chocolate nor Marios words do help.

Inhuman strains and renunciations – hard on the edge to the asceticism, iron discipline and motivation. Man and instruments were stressed to the limit. . . , however, at last the result counts.

On the CD one won’t be able to hear Anands bleeding finger, Olafs destroyed hairstyle, Marcus’ broken nerves, Matthias’ tattered sheets of music and Daniel’s greyed beard. 8 – in words E I G H T – songs are played in in the basic scaffolding, tomorrow the last six are going to follow. All brand-new, never heard songs, are ready! This counts. Anyhow we are a cool band – must be said sometimes. 

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