Everybody prepares for the second full day in the studio differently. We sleep. Anand does his marathon-thing.

Today in the studio we use the outside lounge for breaks

Relaxation around 09:00h in the morning. Chilling. . . .


. . . even if vermin swims in the pool.

Musically discussions: Is it dideldideldidumm or dideldidideldidumm bumm? Musicians. . . .

Pizza is ordered. The songs with percussion are ready. Now we’re left with the Scheissdreggsfiligranzeusch. We spread strategically on the lower floor. Time see who gets lost.

Either we wait for the pizza, OR we just listen to the recordings. One can interpret the expressions manifoldly Bon appetit.

At the end of the long day:

Cheap guitar. It didn’t hold. Eli will certainly permit Anand to buy a new guitar. Now the old one is broken. All songs are done now in basics. Now some precision work, then she can appear Pentecost in 2019. Or earlier?.



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